Logs for April

here are the stations I have logged from the start of April.


4840 Khz USA WMCR Nashville 04:55 UTC English. Discussion about Sheldon Alison Primary and accusations of corruption against the senator. Commercials for anti-GM food. Very strident! SINPO: 43333 2014-04-01

5025 Khz Cuba R. Rebelde 04:59 UTC Spanish. Music and talk SINPO: 33333 2014-04-01

5040 Khz Cuba R. Habana 05:01 UTC Spanish. ID at 5:01. News followed by music. SINPO: 33333 2014-04-01

5975 Khz UK R. Japan 05:08 UTC English. News about Japan including problems with the Fukishama nucler plant, and Japan taken to court over ‘research’ whaling. SINPO: 54455 2014-04-01

6005 Khz Ascension Island BBC 05:12 UTC English. Report on migrants getting into the EU via Spain. Interview with a man from Cameroon who had made the journey across Africa just to get into the EU. 3 lines of barb wire to cross once he got to Spain. Part of the ‘Newsday’ program. SINPO: 43333 2014-04-01

9665 Khz Brazil R. Voz Missionaria 05:28 UTC Portugese. Phone-in program followed by music. SINPO: 33333 2014-04-01

9310 Khz Thailand VOA Deewa Radio 18:00 UTC Pashto.  News from around the world. Mention of Pakistan and Taliban, European union. Male and Female announcer. ID at 18:05
‘High 5’ program. Thailand relay SINPO: 43333 2014-04-05

9335 Khz Thailand VOA Deewa Radio. 18:10 UTC Pashto. Same program as on 9310 but relay from Sri Lanka. Much stronger signal. SINPO: 54444 2014-04-05

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 18:12 UTC Thai. Female announcer. Doesn’t sound like news but a report on  a particluar subject. Also sounds like a  contribution from a correspondent. SINPO: 54444 2014-04-05

9410 Khz UAE BBC 18:20 UTC English. Discussion about a ‘Trash Mob’. Looking at the accumulation of rubbish in Goa. Followed by a report about the Amish.Followed by a report about Sri Lanka. Some selective fading. Dhabayya relay SINPO: 54444 2014-04-05

9525 Khz Indonesia V.O. Indonesia 18:34 UTC German. female announcer with background music. A lot of rapid fading. ID at 18:39  SINPO: 43334 2014-04-05

9550 Khz Rwanda IBRA R 18:45 UTC Arabic. female announcer with what sounds like discussion of Allah, with occasional short musical inserts. Kigali relay SINPO: 43333 2014-04-05

9420 Khz Greece V.O.Greece 15:54 UTC Exitable commentary, sounds like football. ID at 15:56 followed by news and ID at 16:00. Followed by more exitable football commentary. SINPO: 43333 2014-04-06

9425 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 16:02 UTC Military-sytle music. ID in German at 16:03 followed by more marshall music. SINPO: 33333 2014-04-06

9460 Khz Turkey V.O. Turkey 16:09 UTC Male announcer. Football commentary. SINPO: 43344 2014-04-06

9475 Khz Australia R. Australia 16:11 UTC Steve Jones (English scientist) talking about how BBC correspondents not using The Web of Science which is the Google of the science world. Followed by Los Angeles attempting to clean up their port (environmental interests). Ensuring ships don’t pollute etc. All part of the ‘Science Show’ SINPO: 43333 2014-04-06

9515 Khz South Korea KBS 16:21 UTC Englisg. Light Pop music. ‘Perfect songs for background music’. ID at 16:23 with address to request a particular song. SINPO: 33333 2014-04-06

9280 Khz Egypt R. Cairo 18:22 UTC Turkish. News and jingles. ID at 18:28. Incredibly bad modulation. SINPO: 33323 2014-04-10

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 18:49 UTC Thai. Female announcer. Sounds like a report. SINPO: 54455 2014-04-10

17860 Khz Madagascar Deutsche Welle 18:01 UTC Hausa. Sounds like news. Male announcer. Madagascar relay. ID at 18:05 SINPO: 54455 2014-04-12

17885 Khz Ascension Island BBC 18:06 UTC French. Ascension Island relay. Coverage of the Scottish referendum on independence. SINPO: 43333 2014-04-12

15540 Khz Kuwait R. Kuwait 18:16 UTC English. Religous broadcast. Followed by public announcements from Public Relations and Moral Guidance! Followed by pop music. SINPO: 43333 2014-04-12

15190 Khz Phillipines R Phillippines 18:33 UTC English. News with female announcer. ID after every news segment. Full ID at 18:40 SINPO: 32223 2014-04-12

17490 Khz China CRI 12:42 UTC English. Extremely interesting program about Mt. Huangshan, its beauty, culture and the culinary delights of the area. Not too sure about the ‘hairy’ tofu though! SINPO: 54455 2014-04-13

15630 Khz Uzbekistan R. Free Chosun 13:05 UTC Korean. Commentary with 2 male announcers. Assuming Tashkent relay. SINPO: 32222 2014-04-13

15525 Khz Turkey R. Turkey 16:45 UTC English.  ID at 16:45 followed by commentary about the Ottoman Empire and the Sultans and their mothers of the past. Further ID in many lanuages at 16:52. SINPO: 54444 2014-04-13

3215 Khz USA WWCR 03:25 UTC English. Discussion about the price of food in the US and the effect of the drought in some states on prices. Grain prices forced up by the Ukranian situation. Followed by a discussion about the general economic situation. ID at 03:41. Male and female announcers. SINPO: 22222 2014-04-15

3413 Khz Eire Shannon Volmet. 03:48 UTC Weather reports. SINPO: 54444 2014-04-15

3985 Khz Germany R700 03:59 UTC German. News followed by ID at 04:00. Followed by music. SINPO: 54444 2014-04-15

3995 Khz Germany HCJB 04:03 UTC German. ID at 04:04. followed by transmission details Weenermoor relay SINPO: 44444 2014-04-15

4895 Khz Brazil Radio Novo Tempo 04:10 UTC Language sounds either Portugese or Spanish. Lot of chat from male announcer followed by Latin-style music. SINPO: 21122 2014-04-15

9425 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 18:33 UTC German. Commentary with female announcer followed by marshall music. Heavy ACI from AIR. SINPO: 33333 2014-04-15

9730 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 18:50 UTC French. Female with commentary and reports. SINPO: 54444 2014-04-15

9485 Khz Pirate R. Geronimo 10:17 UTC English. Replay of a spoof broadcast from 1982 ‘Broadcast for the Oppressed Masses at No. 42 and Special Flied Lice’!. Very funny. Followed by ID at 10:41 and music from Lee Abraham ‘Closing the Door’. geronimoshortwave@hotmail.com SINPO: 44444 2014-04-20

5940 Khz Botswana VOA 18:25 UTC Ndebele. Commentary with male + female announcers. Botswana relay. ID at 18:30 in English and announcing the following programme, ‘Studio 7 Live Talk’. ID was ‘VOA Zimbabe’. SINPO: 43333 2014-04-21

6215 Khz Pirate R. Star International 19:06 UTC English. Paul Young ‘Love of the Common People’ followed by ID at 19:06. Followed by Pet Shop Boys ‘Its a Sin’. SINPO: 32222 2014-04-21

15110 Khz Phillipines Vatican Radio 14:58 UTC Hindi. Announcements at 14:58 followed by music.Further commentary and more music. ID at 15:04 SINPO: 33333 2014-04-22

15150 Khz Madagascar R.Tamazuj 15:05 UTC Arabic. Female presenter with what sounds like news and commentary. Severe QSB at times. ID at 15:14 followed by more commentary. Switched to male presenter at 15:15 SINPO: 33333 2014-04-22

15205 Khz Northern Marianas RFA 15:18 UTC Mandarin.  Male presenter. But a curious sound to the transmision. It sounds like they are using echo at times and then it sounds normal. Is it some sort of multipath effect? SINPO: 54444 2014-04-22

15400 Khz Ascension Island BBC 18:19 UTC English. ‘Have your View’ program. Discussing football and Manchester United in particular. Ascension Island relay. SINPO: 44444 2014-04-22

15540 Khz Kuwait R. Kuwait 18:29 UTC English. Schedule and frequencies followed by pips at 18:30. Schedule info perfectly readable (53344) but after 18:30 modulation level dropped right down. Still able to detect language as english but not what was being said. SINPO: 53344 2014-04-22

15580 Khz Botswana VOA 18:35 UTC English. Discussion about soccer in Africa and Europe  Discussing how well African players perform in the European teams. More Sports news followed including Atheletics. (The Sunny Side of Sports)
Followed by music.
Quite high distortion on the voice, sounds over-modulated. ID at 18:37. Botswana relay. SINPO: 54455 2014-04-22

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