Radio Tirana – brings back memories

As I was settling down for the night last night, around 11:05 UTC, I decided to have a quick tune around on my Tecsun PL-600, which is kind of my bedside radio. On the 31m band, on 9850 Khz, I heard an announcement in a foreign language, followed by the station ID of ‘Radio Tirana’. A quick check this morning showed it was there Albanian language service from 23:00 – midnight UTC.

I remember vividly receiving R. Tirana back in the ’70’s on my then receiver which was an old Canadian 52 set. Back then, it was all anti-western communist propaganda, usually interspersed with military music. I didn’t have time to listen further last night, nor would I have understood the broadcast, but it will be interesting to receive their English language broadcast. I’m sure things have changed in the last 40 years! I must say, I didn’t even know that R. Tirana was still on the air. When I next get the chance for some listening, I will try to log them and see for myself.

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