Amateur RAdio News items

40m Counties Contest

Next Sunday, 18th May, the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) will host the first IRTS Counties Contest on 40 metres.

This generally follows the very successful format of the 80 metres contest and the full rules are available on the IRTS website.

It is hoped that the smaller scale of antennas required for 40m will encourage many more stations to participate, particularly the newer licensees. It is also a great band for ‘Portable’ operation and it is expected that many of the ‘rare’ counties will be activated.

The contest is open to all and EI and GI stations send their county as well as the report and a serial number starting with 001 for the first contact.

Note in articular the rule about the permitted frequencies for this contest which are for CW 7000-7040 and for SSB 7060-7100 & 7130-7175.

SD by EI5DI supports this contest, and is free from

This information came from the excellent Southgate ARC News site:



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