Logs for June 12th

A few nice catches from last night. The 31m band is getting quite lively after dark, so a band to keep monitoring as the summer progresses. Unfortunately, the number of ‘interesting’ stations on 31m is dwindling, with CRI dominating numerous channels (like R Moscow used to back in the 70’s). CRI does have interesting programs, but with 500 KW transmitters, they hardly count as DX!

Guanghua zhi Sheng in Taiwan was a new one for me, even though they run 250 KW.

V.O. Vietnam was extremely strong, as their transmission at that time of the day is directed at Europe.

11780 Khz Brazil Radio Nacional da Amazonia 20:30 UTC Portugese. Football commentary. SINPO: 33333 2014-06-12

9625 Khz Bolivia R. Fides 20:46 UTC Spanish. Mainly music with some commentary between. Drowned by ACI SINPO: 32222 2014-06-12

9745 Khz Taiwan Guanghua zhi Sheng 21:06 UTC Chinese. Music and chat. Jingles at 21:10 followed by ID SINPO: 32233 2014-06-12

9730 Khz UAE V.O. Vietnam 21:10 UTC French. ID at 21:11. News with male and female announcers SINPO: 54455 2014-06-12

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