Logs 13th – 17th July

A bit of a late posting of logs from last week, but unfortunately life here has been somewhat hectic.

Conditions on the bands have been quite variable, with some grey line listening bringing some of the unusual ones. Anyway, here are the logs.

21780 Khz Rwanda DW 18:08 UTC Hausa. Male and female announcers. ID at 18:10. Kigali relay. Slight fading. SINPO: 54444 2014-07-13

17885 Khz Ascension Island BBC 18:13 UTC French. Male and female announcers. Ascension Island relay. SINPO: 43333 2014-07-13

17860 Khz Madagascar DW 18:21 UTC Hausa. Male announcer. Madagascar relay SINPO: 33333 2014-07-13

15710 Khz Egypt R.Cairo 18:47 UTC Hausa. MAle announcer. Usual poor modulation SINPO: 33333 2014-07-13

6050 Khz Tibet PBS Xizang 21:06 UTC Chinese. Non-stop pop music. ID at 21:17 SINPO: 33333 2014-07-15

6115 Khz Phillipines R. Veritas Asia. 21:20 UTC Chinese. Sort of chant followed by discussion (possibly with the singers as it sounded live in the studio). SINPO: 33333 2014-07-15

6135 Khz South Korea KBS 21:34 UTC Korean. Just make out male and female talking with jingles. SINPO: 32233 2014-07-15

6180 Khz Argentina R. Nacional Amazonia 21:38 UTC Portugese. Female announcer. Sounds like news. ID at 21:40 SINPO: 33333 2014-07-15

6280 Khz Taiwan SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng 21:42 UTC Chinese. Talking with male and female announcer .  Some music SINPO: 22222 2014-07-15

6280 Khz Taiwan SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng 21:26 UTC Chinese. Male and female announcers with music. SINPO: 22222 2014-07-17

15245 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 21:30 UTC English. ‘Admiration for Previously Great Men’ !. Male and female announcers. Military music. SINPO: 54444 2014-07-17

15345 Khz Argentina R.Argentina al Exterior 21:36 UTC German. female announcer with mention of Obama and Guantanamo Bay. Some QSB SINPO: 43344 2014-07-17

15550 Khz USA WJHR 21:41 UTC English. Sounds like religious broadcast. SINPO: 32233 2014-07-17

15580 Khz Botswana VOA 21:47 UTC English. Pop music (reggae). Top Twenty run down male announcer . Some deep QSB at times and quite noisy. Sign off at 22:00. Moapeng Hill relay SINPO: 43344 2014-07-17

15610 Khz USA WEWN 22:03 UTC English. Jim Blackburn guest with phone-in program SINPO: 54455 2014-07-17

15685 Khz Guam AWR 22:06 UTC Chinese. Female announcer followed by music. Guam relay. SINPO: 54444 2014-07-17

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