RRI New Program Schedule

I received the following via the RRI news letter:

Dear friends,

We have a very important announcement to make: as of October 3rd the English Service of RRI has a new programme schedule. There are several changes in terms of the new broadcast days and durations for some of our old shows, and of new shows launched on this occasion. All these changes will of course be detailed in our new promotional materials, and will be posted online, on our home page at rri.ro, on Facebook and other social media accounts that RRI uses. But here are some of the main changes. Our traditional music show “The Skylark” will be aired on Tuesdays, instead of Thursdays. On Wednesdays, you will no longer hear “Partners in a Changing World,” which will be included in Thursday’s programme. Instead, on Wednesdays we will be airing “Pick of the Week” and “Living Romania.”

Thursday is the day with the most important changes. We will no longer run the “Listeners’ Letterbox” on Thursdays, this programme will only be aired over the weekend, namely on Sundays and repeated on Mondays. Instead, we’ll have “Partners in a Changing World” aired on Thursdays and two new shows: “Expat in Romania”, a series on foreign citizens who live in our country, and “The Latest in Music” with news from the Romanian music scene and lots of music to listen to. Our Jazz shows will be aired on Saturdays and re-run on Sundays, while the duration of the Sunday Studio will be reduced to 20 minutes instead of 40. Every other Sunday, when Sunday Studio is not broadcast, we will have a new show entitled Panorama, a selection of the best features we’ve had in two weeks.

These are just the highlights, we are sure you’ll soon get used to these changes and we hope you will find them to be changes for the better.

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