SO239 to 3.5mm converter

In a previous post (July 31st) I mentioned I had put together an SO239 to 3.5mm converter so that I could hook up my outside antenna to the Tecsun PL-600. The antenna connector on the 600 is a mono 3.5mm jack plug.

I had seen these converters for sale but I decided to luck through the junk box and see what I could come up with. What I ended up with was the following:

A short piece of 15mm plastic conduit, a plastic cable gland which was a snug fit in the conduit,  an SO239 socket with a large centre nut rather than a bulkhead type, and a length of RG214.

It was then a simple matter to glue the SO239 into one of the conduit. I used 2-pack resin adhesive for this (Araldite in the UK). But prior to this, I prepared and soldered one end of the RG214 to the socket. I left the adhesive to set fully over night, then fed the cable through the plastic gland. I slid the gland up to the conduit, but not quite in, and covered both the gland threads and the inside of the conduit with 2-pack. I pushed the gland into the conduit and again, left it over night to fully adhere. Following this, the cable gland was pinched up tight onto the cable, and the other end of the cable soldered to the 3.5mm plug. RG-214 is a snug fit in the shell of a 3.5mm plug. This completes the construction. You can also add some heat-shrink tubing to the whole, which I was going to do, but didn’t get round to. The following images show the finished article. Does it work? – yes very well, and whats more its all from the junk box!



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