HF weather fax

Tried my hand at some weather fax reception this evening, both from Norwood on 8040 Khz and Boston on 9110. Received ‘something’ from both of them but not what I would call a resounding success! I could just about make out frontal data but very indistinct. It also showed that the FRG-7 is not entirely stable when receiving narrow band modes, with me constantly having to adjust the sliding window to keep the decode the signal properly. Anyway, much fun and I shall give it a go again. I just need a much stronger signal to work with, although fldigi did well with the signal that was there.

I got some great info about doing this from this website: http://hfradioreview.com/2014/10/23/how-do-i-decode-a-weather-facsimile-wefax-off-of-my-shortwave/



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