Poor HF conditions…or is it me

I am not sure if it is just my location, not-too-hot antenna, poor hf conditions or a combination of all of these, but I don’t seem to be able to hear much in the way of DX or even interesting stations at the moment. I have tried on a few occasions to log Global24, which shouldn’t be too difficult, but I haven’t managed it yet.

I do have a design for a new antenna which I shall try when weather conditions and time allow. It is actually featured in an article by AC0LW Dan Farber, in this months Spectrum Monitor magazine. It is a vertical Zepp. It takes the idea of the traditional Zepp antenna, fed at one end with open-wire feeder, and turns it into a vertical fed with open wire feeder. Dan says he has had good results with only a 37 foot length for the vertical section. In my case, I am planning on using 66 foot length, but not all this will be vertical! It will be about 26′ vertical, with the rest sloping away to be tied off at my back fence. It is an easy build, and more importantly for me, an easy installation (not too good up ladders these days!) as I have a pole at the side of the house from a previous antenna installation. Hopefully, when I get this installed, I shall report back findings.

If you have not looked at it before it is worth thinking about a subscription to The Spectrum Monitor. It is a replacement for the old Monitoring Times, which I never took. Each month there is a good mix of articles covering all aspects of radio monitoring, be it SWL, Amateur, Military, Utility etc. Individual mags. cane be purchased from the website at: http://www.thespectrummonitor.com/

Going back to HF propagation, I found this handy tool, linked from G0KYA’s website. Although designed for amateur bands usage, it is a handy tool for all SW listeners. See: http://www.infotechcomms.net/propcharts/november/


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