Good listening on Global 24

I tuned into Global 24 this evening at 22:00 especially for Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio. The signal was good (SINPO 43344) and the program, as ever, very informative. I also like Glenn’s little asides on various topics. I do receive a copy of this via the HCDX mailing list but it is good to hear it on the radio.

This was followed at 22:30 by ‘Wavescan’ program from AWR. This featured the results from a competition held during the year which finished in September. The program also featured interesting QSL cards sent in by a numerous listeners.

Tuning up the band a little, to 9575 Khz, I picked up Radio Mediterranee International, or Medi1, from Morocco. The signal was very good tonight (SINPO 54444). This is always a good station for music and I wasn’t disappointed tonight. I listened until 23:00, when there was a news bulletin, but the laptop battery was due to give up, so no more listening tonight.

Global 24 was certainly better reception tonight than on Monday, although tonight was an hour later which could have made the difference. They have a full schedule of there programs now on the website and its well worth a look. A very eclectic mix.

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