Some logs from 28th November 2014

I managed a small listening session last night and stuck to 49 metres. Propagation was generally good. This and the 41m band does tend to be dominated by CRI on multiple channels, but there are other interesting stations amongst them.

5865 Khz Kuwait R.Farda 21:35
UTC Farsi. Music with male voice overs. ID at 21:36. Kuwait relay SINPO: 43333 2014-11-28

5980 Khz Turkey V.O. Turkey 21:42 UTC Turkish. Middle Eastern music.  SINPO: 54444 2014-11-28

6080 Khz Botswana VOA 21:50 UTC English. ‘Music Time in Africa’. Some great music. Moepeng Hill relay. Sign-off at 22:00 SINPO: 54444 2014-11-28

6155 Khz Belarus R. Belarus 22:08 UTC Belarus. Rock music. ID at 22:13 followed by Sports news. Followed at 22:20 by Jazz music. SINPO: 54444 2014-11-28

R. Belarus was a new one for me. The music was very good so I will be tuning in to some more of their programs in the future. They do have some English language output so I will try to dig that out.

Listening next week I will have no time at all for listening as Lincoln hosts a Christmas Market, from Thursday through Sunday. My wife has a shop where the market is and I run a food stall outside it over the period of the market. So its 16-18 hour days for the 4 days. Tiring, but good fun.

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