New Tecsun Radio

Thanks to Thomas at the SWLing Post for this one. It seems Tecsun will shortly be releasing a new portable, the PL-680, which seems very similar in specs. to the PL-600. From the Nevada Radio (UK) website, these are the specs:



This fully featured portable world band radio keeps you in with the action !

Covers from Long Wave to VHF Airband and has full HF coverage from 1711-29999kHz with BFO tuning on SSB signals.

Frequency ranges :

  • FM:     87 – 108 MHz
  • MW:    522-1620 kHz
  • SW:    1711-29999 kHz
  • LW:    100-519 kHz
  • AIR:    118-137 MHz

Features :

  • FM stereo / MW / LW / SW SSB / AIR band (118-137 MHz)
  • Dual conversion for MW / LW / SW with excellent sensitivity & selectivity
  • Synchronous detector (USB / LSB)
  • SW Single Side Band (SSB) with BFO control
  • 1900 station memories
  • Multi-tuning methods:
  • Auto tuning storage (ATS)
  • Auto-scan tuning with 5 seconds pre-listening
  • Manual tuning
  • Direct keypad entry
  • 9K/10K tuning step for MW (adjustable AM tuning step (9K/10K)
  • Sleep timer from 1-120 minutes
  • Dual alarm clock with adjustable auto turn off stopper from 1-90 minutes
  • DX / Normal / Local antenna gain
  • Treble / Bass tone selection
  • Back light and snooze function
  • Signal strength & battery consumption display
  • Direct reset function
  • Built-in rechargeable function (Ni-MH rechargeable battery only)
  • Extra long telescopic antenna
  • FM/SW antenna jack
  • Stereo earphone jack
  • DC jack (6V)
  • Power sources: 4 x UM3 (AA size) batteries (excluded) or DC 6V adaptor (excluded)
  • Dimensions – 190 x 35 x 112mm  WHD
They don’t mention when it’s expected.

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