Logs for 1st January 2015

Just a few logs from this evening. Propagation to the UK seems poor this evening. Some stations I logged only last night I either couldn’t hear or were well down on yesterdays report. The only surprise was the Caribbean Beacon, which I seldom manage to log.

The weather here has changed markedly since yesterday, going from 2c during the day to probably 10c this evening, with wind and rain.

Logs for the first day of 2015:

9445 Khz India A.I.R 21:33 UTC English. Talk about new generation of radio stations including video broadcasting.Jingles at 21:36 followed by ID then ‘Classical Half Hour’ SINPO: 54444 2015-01-01

7475 Khz Kuwait RFE 21:48 UTC Russian. News about Ukraine. Male ann. SINPO: 43333 2015-01-01

7520 Khz Sri Lanka R. Farda 21:50 UTC Persian. ID at 21:50 followed by music. Iranawila relay SINPO: 43333 2015-01-01

7585 Khz Sri Lanka R. Farda 21:57 UTC Farsi. Music. Contact details at 21:59. ID at 22:00 followed by further music. SINPO: 43344 2015-01-01

5950 Khz Iran V.O. Iran 22:10 UTC Bosnian. Male announcer with news of Iran. SINPO: 43344 2015-01-01

6090 Khz Anguila Caribbean Beacon 22:18 UTC English. Religious broadcast SINPO: 32222 2015-01-01

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