Test Transmissions from Radio Revival Sweden

Re-posted from The SWLing Post :

Dear Listeners,

Radio Revival Sweden will be testing on Thursday, January 22 as follows:

  • 6035 kHz AM 5 kW 1200 – 1500 UTC
  • 9815 kHz A3H 10 kW 1200 – 1300 UTC
  • 9865 kHz A3H 10 kW 1300 – 1400 UTC
  • 9875 kHz A3H 10 kW 1400 – 1500 UTC

Please listen in and tell us how you are receiving our signal. Regular transmissions will follow this weekend and you are of course welcome to book airtime.

Good listening & 73s

Ronny Forslund
Radio Revival Sweden

Reception reports can be sent to radiorevivalsweden (at) hotmail.com. RSS doesn’t have a printed QSL card but have mentioned that they will respond by email.

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