Friday 6th February: An evening on 31m

I had to replace the rechargeable batteries in my Tecsun PL-600 this week, as the original set that came with the radio 2 years ago would not hold a charge. A new set of Panasonic Eneloop 1900’s arrived today from Amazon, so whilst I was cooking dinner I decided to have a listen. Just using the whip antenna, BBCWS from Ascension was bounding in, along with VOA from Botswana, R. Thailand and several others. So once dinner was over, I connected my external antenna, and settled down to some listening. Well, Wow!, what an evening. Notable new stations received amongst the usual ‘Big Guns’ on 31m were 3 South American stations in the form of R. Record, R.Bandeirantes, and R.Voz Missionaria. As explained before, my listening periods have to be taken in bursts of about an hour or so, as this is the duration of my laptop battery before it needs recharging, and I need the laptop for refering to lists and filling the log. But those 3 South Americans made it an exiting listening period.

Because of the Wide/Narrow filter on the PL-600, I was able to cut out some bigger stations on adjacent channels to enable me to hear the low power South Americans. I don’t believe I would have copied these 3 stations on the FRG-7.

Regarding the FRG-7, I received a nice digital readout board this week from China. After a couple of tests with a signal generator, it seems I will have to square the signal from the FRG-7 prior to injecting into the digital dial board, as using a sine wave it was very random on the kilohertz reading. So I am looking round for a suitable circuit. A digital readout for the Frog will be nice and make station identification much easier. The 6 Mhz band is particularly bad, as at the bottom end, the analogue dial over reads by 15 Khz, and at the top end under reads by 15 Khz. The problems of variable capacitor tracking.

Anyhow, here are the small set of logs from this evening.

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 21:10 UTC Thai. Music and chat. mention of Singapore. |Female announcer SINPO: 33333 2015-02-06

9420 Khz Greece R. Greece. 21:15 UTC Greek. Discussion program, not the usual non-stop music. Things changed with government change? SINPO: 43344 2015-02-06

9445 Khz India AIR 21:18 UTC English. Male announcer. Interesting program about cyber crime and cyber terrorism. SINPO: 44444 2015-02-06

9505 Khz Brazil R. Record 21:27 UTC Portugese. Phone-in program SINPO: 32233 2015-02-06

9645 Khz Brazil R.Bandeirantes 21:50 UTC Portugese. Male announcer. Only just readable as severe ACI from CRI on 9640 SINPO: 22222 2015-02-06

9665 Khz Brazil R.Voz Missionaria 21:54 UTC Portugese. Male announcer with discussion. Jingles at 21:54. ID followed by news at 22:00 SINPO: 33333 2015-02-06

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