Thomas has the Tecsun pl-680

On the SWLing Post Thomas invites readers to take part in his survey of the differences between the PL-660 and the new 680.

From the specs. I can’t see much difference between the 2 radios, unless there are subtle differences ‘under the hood’. If I was to upgrade from my pl-600, it would be more likely to be the 880 which adds a lot more.

Talking of portable radios in general and the Tecsuns in particular, I have found that I am using the Tecsun far more now than I use the Yeasu FRG-7 for listening. The reasons?             Well twofold really. The Tecsun has a digital readout so I know I am on frequency, whereas the analogue readout of the FRG is different from one end of the scale to the other.

The second reason is the Tecsun has a 2 position filter switch, Wide and Narrow, which I find is excellent in removing ACI when I am trying to log a low power station. The Frg of course, has a fixed 6 Khz (ish) bandwidth. The filter also comes into its own when listening to SSB transmissions, again something not possible with the FRG.

So I feel that any time soon, the FRG-7 may well be on it’s way. Although it is a nice receiver, it’s technology is too old to cope with the noise on the bands these days. The question will be, do I replace with an up-market portable like the Tecsun-880 or wait and save for a better desktop receiver such as the CommRadio CR-1a or Alinco DXR8?

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