Eritrea Project 2015

From Southgate ARC:

The SEISA/Foundation for Global Children is pleased to announce our next activity as ‘Eritrea Project 2015‘. As part of this project, we will conduct an amateur radio DXpedition from Asmara Eritrea, from March 6th to 17th, 2015.

A multi-national team of nine operators, consisting of:
Zorro – JH1AJT Team Leader
Paul – N6PSE Co-Leader
Franz – DJ9ZB
Jay – JA1TRC
Yuki – JH1NBN
Kazu – JH1OGX
Thomas – NQ7R
David – WD5COV
Dmitri – RA9USU

We are very excited about this announcement as it has taken many months of careful planning and negotiations to bring about this amateur radio event. Our DXpedition call sign will be assigned to us upon our arrival in the capitol of Asmara.

We will use four transceivers consisting of two Elecraft K3 radios with the KPA500 amplifiers and two Kenwood TS590 transceivers with the ACOM 1010 amplifiers.

We will use beam antennas for the high bands (10-20 meters) and four verticals for the low bands (30-160 meters) We will try to work every area as much as possible.

Our QSL Manager is Tim – M0URX.

We are thankful to have the following sponsors supporting our Plans:

Northern California DX Foundation,
German DX Foundation,
International DX Association,
Northern California DX Club,
Southwest Ohio DX Association,
Intrepid-DX Group,
Lone Star DX Association,
Northern Illinois DX Association,
Swiss DX Foundation,
Western Washington DX Club,
Southeastern DX Club,
Orca DX and Contest Club,
Southeast Michigan DX Association,
Carolina DX Association,
Northern Ohio DX Association,
Oklahoma DX Association,
Danish DX Group,
Long Island DX Association,
Western New York DX Association,
and Elecraft.

If you wish to make a donation via PayPal, our address

(note-please do not send email to this address, it is for PayPal purposes only)

Thank you & 73,

SEISA/FGC Radio Team

Jay – JA1TRC

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