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Holy Land DX Contest

The Aim:

  • To promote contacts between Radio Amateurs around the globe and Israeli Hams.
  • To aid Amateurs to achieve the “Holyland Award” and other Israeli awards.

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Changes to Radio Taiwan transmissions

Starting from March 29th, RTI will terminate its transmission to Europe on 3965 KHz and to Africa on 11975 KHZ following the end of cooperation between RTI and RFI.  Listeners in the two continents are encouraged to listen to our prorgrams online.

Short and sweet but bad news for those of us who enjoy RTI on this frequency.

Logs for 25th March

Well conditions seem to be improving further. I didn’t get a whole lot of time to listen last night, but managed to enjoy the English broadcast from the Voice of Vietnam last night. This is only a half-hour slot between 20:30 and 21:00, but they pack in quite a lot of info. Last night included ‘Letterbox’ which I always find interesting as it shows the range of people and equipment that tune into their broadcasts. In fact most of these contact segments aired by a number of shortwave stations show just how many people do listen, even in these days of the internet and streaming audio etc.

I managed to bag a new South American station last night. A very poor signal and only by listening through the noise to pick out the language (Portuguese) and recognise that the music played was of Latin-American origin did I manage to ID it. That and the fact that they were the only station listed for that frequency at that time. So technically speaking, it was identification by elimination rather than direct ID. But I would image that a lot of shortwave listeners do this for the low-power stations.

Anyway, here are those that I logged, all using the Tecsun PL-600 and 15 metre long wire.

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 20:06 UTC German. Music and chat. ID at 20:14 SINPO: 43344 2015-03-25

9625 Khz Japan R. Japan 20:40 UTC Japanese. Male announcer with discussion. SINPO: 32222 2015-03-25

9730 Khz Vietnam V.O. Vietnam 20:44 UTC English. Program about Vietnam hosting the IPDU conference. Followed by details about the weather in Vietnam. This was followed by ‘Letterbox’. At 20:55 there was an announcement about A15 schedules Music followed to broadcast end at 20:59 SINPO: 54444 2015-03-25

9725 Khz Brazil RB2 R.Clube Paranaense 21:35 UTC Portugese. Music and chat SINPO: 22222 2015-03-25

Deutsche Welle Closes Kigali Relay Station

More bad news.

Deutsche Welle has announced that it will be closing their shortwave, relay station in the Rwanda capital, Kigali.

The Kigali station is set to close at the end of the current B14 transmission period, Saturday, March 28.

Officially opening in October of 1965, the Kigali station has served the small African country and its 12 million inhabitants for nearly 50 years. Upon its closure, the Kigali station will be completely dismantled.

This closure is another in a string of closures for short wave stations.

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Logs for 22nd March

Conditions still don’t seem to have recovered after last week’s CME event. I normally get good reception of stations from S.E. Asia, mainly I think, due to the orientation of my antenna. But last night a lot of the normal stations were not in evidence. I did manage to bag BBCWS in Singapore, KBS, and VOA Deewa from Sri Lanka, but this was about all. In fact, 31m seemed to be particularly poor. Solarham did predict another possible CME event yesterday, but that doesn’t seem to have come to anything. The forecast seems to be there could be further events due to the high-speed solar wind stream still passing the earth. For more details see: Solarham or Solarham FB page

9330 Khz USA WBCQ 16:40 UTC Non-stop soul pop music. Slight QSB and distortion SINPO: 54444 2015-03-22

9410 Khz Singapore BBCWS 16:50 UTC English. Football commentary. Kranji relay. SINPO: 44444 2015-03-22

9515 Khz South Korea KBS 17:00 UTC Korean. ID followed by News. SINPO: 44444 2015-03-22

5895 Khz Sri Lanka VOA Deewa R. 18:55 UTC Pashto. Discussion program. Iranawila relay SINPO: 43333 2015-03-22

6010 Khz Germany R700 19:09 UTC German. Female announcer. SINPO: 54455 2015-03-22

6295 Khz Ireland Reflections Europe 19:28 UTC English. Religious broadcast SINPO: 44444 2015-03-22