Logs from March 1st

Yesterday afternoon, 31m seemed to be in very good shape, with a particularly good opening to S.E. Asia. On Friday, I had replaced the balun between my long wire and the receiver with a new design, which has improved signal transfer. In essence this involved changing the toriodal core with a binocular one, with the same turns ratio (3:1). An indication of the improved signal transfer was that the Tecsun PL-600 now overloads on the long wire! The FRG-7 of course, does not suffer these problems. So all the logs below were taken using the FRG-7.

9200 Khz Taiwan SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng 14:25 UTC Cantonese. Male and female announcers. Some QSB SINPO: 32222 2015-03-01

9325 Khz Guam TWR 14:30 UTC Korean. Male announcer plus music. Agana relay. SINPO: 43333 2015-03-01

9345 Khz Phillipines FEBC 14:34 UTC Mandarin. Male announcer. Some background int. from rtty signal. SINPO: 43333 2015-03-01

9540 Khz Uzbekistan FEBC 14:44 UTC Hindi. Sounds like a radio drama. Tashkent relay SINPO: 33333 2015-03-01

9730 Khz Vietnam V.O. Vietnam 16:16 UTC English. Female ann. with broadcast about a village ritual. ACI from CNR1 jammer on 9725. followed by music. ID at 16:22. ID and sign-off at 16:27 with music until 16:30 SINPO: 43344 2015-03-01

9745 Khz Japan R. Japan 16:29 UTC Japanese. Male announcer. SINPO: 33333 2015-03-01

9760 Khz Thailand VOA 16:34 UTC Tibetan. Discussion program. Ban Dung relay SINPO: 44444 2015-03-01

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 19:07 UTC English. Song to celebrate Princess of Thailands 60th birthday. National News highlights. Commercials at 19:12 followed by ID. A number of infomercials followed regarding the King’s strategy for the future of Thailand and it’s people. SINPO: 44344 2015-03-01

9410 Khz UAE BBC 19:19 UTC English. Discussion about a trade link between Uganda and Trinidad! Dubai relay SINPO: 33333 2015-03-01

9505 Khz Sudan V.O. Africa 19:24 UTC Hausa. Male announcer with discussion followed by arabic music. Sudden cut-off at 19:29 SINPO: 33333 2015-03-01

9590 Khz Sao Tome VOA 19:39 UTC French. Fantastic Soul Music. Just before the end of the program CRI came up on 9600 with a 20 Khz wide high powered signal and wiped it out! SINPO: 54455 2015-03-01


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