Logs from 15th March

S.E. Asian stations were booming into the UK last night, with the addition of R. Bahrain from the Middle East. This one is not always easy to hear as it is only a 10 KW transmitter, but not too bad a signal last night

R. Thailand is always a good signal to the UK and their English broadcast on a Sunday evening I always find interesting. There always seems to be a general theme of the King of Thailand has a new idea to keep the people happy!

9370 Khz Thailand VOA 20:10 UTC Korean. Female announcer with chat and music. SINPO: 44444 2015-03-15

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 20:30 UTC English. Male and female announcer with News. ID at 20:38. SINPO: 54444 2015-03-15

9490 Khz Botswana VOA 20:43 UTC French. Moepeng Hill relay. SINPO: 43444 2015-03-15

9550 Khz Vietnam V.O. Vietnam 21:02 UTC French. Female announcer with News. ACI from BKSA on 9555 SINPO: 43344 2015-03-15

9690 Khz Northern Marianas RFA 21:09 UTC Korean. Tinian relay. ID at 21:10 SINPO: 43333 2015-03-15

9745 Khz Bahrain R. Bahrain 21:16 UTC Arabic. Music SINPO: 32233 2015-03-15

9835 Khz Malaysia RTM FM Sarawak 21:29 UTC Malay. Music followed by news at 21:30 SINPO: 32222 2015-03-15

9895 Khz Guam KSDA 21:33 UTC Korean. Male announcer. Agat relay SINPO: 32222 2015-03-15

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