A few logs from this weekend

Not much time for listening at the moment what with work and the garden begging to be sorted. But there has been a bit of time to do some. What I noticed this weekend was the there seemed to be a lot more background noise than normal on most of the bands. There was also more instances of multi-path fading and fluttering. I haven’t checked the space weather conditions but do wonder if there was another CME or the like.

A new one for the log book is Hamburger Lokalradio. Not DX in terms of distance but it is only a 1 KW station and it was at good strength this morning.


9310 Khz Thailand VOA Deewa Radio 18:15 UTC Pashto. Phone in program. Male and Female announcers. SINPO: 43333 2015-04-11

9335 Khz Sri Lanka VOA Deewa Radio 18:22 UTC Pashto. Male and Female announcers. Music and chat. Same program as that relayed from Thailand on 9310. Irinwala relay SINPO: 44444 2015-04-11

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 18:26 UTC Thai. Local music. Some QSB SINPO: 44444 2015-04-11

9425 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 18:29 UTC German. Female announcer followed by military-style music. rapid multipath flutter. SINPO: 33333 2015-04-11

9460 Khz Turkey V.O. Turkey 18:33 UTC Turkish. Female announcer. Slightly muffled modulation. Mention of Andrew Lloyd Weber SINPO: 54444 2015-04-11

9480 Khz Albania CRI 18:37 UTC French. Chat and Pop music with male announcer. ID at 19:37. SINPO: 54444 2015-04-11

9515 Khz South Korea KBS World Radio 18:43 UTC Korean. Male and female announcers. Heavy multipath fading SINPO: 43333 2015-04-11

9815 Khz Sri Lanka R. Farda 19:05 UTC Persion. ID at 19:10. Persian music. Iriniwala relay SINPO: 44444 2015-04-11

9485 Khz Germany Hamburger Lokalradio 11:06 UTC German. Music and chat SINPO: 44444 2015-04-12

11510 Khz Moldova Denge Kurdistane 11:11 UTC Kurdish. Music and chat with female presenter. SINPO: 43333 2015-04-12

11730 Khz Belarus R. Belarus 11:14 UTC Belarusian. Male presenter with discussion. Very poor modulation sounds like its coming through a tube. SINPO: 43333 2015-04-12

11860 Khz Cuba R. Habana 11:18 UTC Spanish. Male presenter SINPO: 32222 2015-04-12

11950 Khz Cuba R. Habana 11:25 UTC Spanish. Male presenter SINPO: 33333 2015-04-12


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