Radio 6 International

From the Radio 6 International website:

Shortwave transmissions will return for an experiment on Saturday. From transmitters in Sweden, and on a couple of frequencies in different bands, we offer an afternoon of programming from 14:00 to 16:00 GMT on Saturday, 25th April, aimed at listeners in Europe. (3 – 5pm UK time, 4 – 6pm Europe) details on the Schedule pages. Hear us in the UK, Ireland and most of Western Europe on 9,405kHz (31.87m); and Scandanavia and Northern Europe on 3,975kHz (75.47m).

The Tony Currie Show returns in May for a new series, featuring old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones and the occasional star guest. Hear it on Saturdays at 07:00 GMT (8am UK, 9am Europe, 3pm Taiwan, 7pm New Zealand); Sundays at 05:00 GMT (6am UK, 7am Europe) and 20:00 GMT (9pm UK, 10pm Europe); and Tuesdays at 19:00 GMT (8pm UK, 9pm Europe).

There’s a General Election in the United Kingdom on Thursday, 7th May. We’ll be prodiving live coverage as the results come in, hosted from Edinburgh by Ewan Spencewith a team of experts. The programme begins on Thursday 7th May at 21:30 GMT (10.30pm UK, 11.30pm Europe) and continues through the night until 07:00 GMT on Friday morning.

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