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Radio Is Essential in Canada’s Arctic

A very interesting post on the RadioWorld site about the absolute necessity for radio in the North of Canada. A very interesting article. See: Radio Essential in Canada’s Arctic


2015 BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast frequencies confirmed

From Thomas at the SWLing Post:

The frequencies that will be used for the 2015 BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast on June 21 at 21:30 UTC.

5,985 kHz,
9,590 kHz,
and 5,905 kHz
Evidently, these were the frequencies chosen from the following that were tested:

7,425 kHz, Ascension, 207 degrees
5,985 kHz, Woofferton, 184 degrees
9,590 kHz, Woofferton, 182 degrees
5,905 kHz, Dhabayya, 203 degrees

I look forward to listening to this and reporting on it.

Some logs from this evening – Friday 12th June

Some interesting logs this evening. Most bands were plagued with static crashes from (I presume) all the storms around. A new log for me was R. Voz Missionarias in Brazil. I would love to be able to log more of the S. American stations, but with the current receiver and antenna set up, that’s probably not going to happen.

Over the last few days I have been able to log ABC from Alice Springs on 4835 Khz. Tonight their signal was really hampered by static. They only really pop up during the grey line transition. As soon as their dawn hits, the signal drops right off.

13760 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 19:05 UTC ‘Rousing’ military music, with announcements in French, although listings show Spanish. 22m suffering multipath ‘pumping’ SINPO: 43333 2015-06-12

11635 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 19:14 UTC English. Usually anti American, anti-S. Korean rhetoric. SINPO: 43333 2015-06-12

11670 Khz India A.I.R 19:18 UTC English. Local news followed by Sports. Part of the ‘India this Week’ program. Followed by ‘Memories linger on’, a series of tunes from the past. SINPO: 43344 2015-06-12

11730 Khz Belarus R. Belarus 19:23 UTC German. Female announcer. Very poor modulation. SINPO: 33333 2015-06-12

9390 Khz Thailand R. Thailand 20:00 UTC German. ID followed by News. Female announcer SINPO: 43333 2015-06-12

4835 Khz Australia ABC Alice Springs 21:25 UTC Just able to make out music and chatthrough the static crashes SINPO: 21112 2015-06-12

4820 Khz Tibet PBS Xizang 21:30 UTC Music and chat. SINPO: 32223 2015-06-12

4800 Khz China CNR1 21:35 UTC Music and chat. Chinese SINPO: 33333 2015-06-12

5940 Khz Brazil R.Voz Missionaria 21:47 UTC Portugese. Male and female announcers. SINPO: 21122 2015-06-12

6060 Khz Tibet PBS Sichuan 2 21:55 UTC Chinese. ID and jingles. Male and female announcers SINPO: 32233 2015-06-12

6080 Khz Botswana VOA 21:58 UTC English. End of ‘Music in Africa’ program followed by sign-off jingles at 22:00 SINPO: 43333 2015-06-12

Nigeria’s Freedom Radio takes the battle against Boko Haram to the air waves

From Albawaba:

Residents of Nigeria’s north-east have lived in isolation for two years. Terrorists frequently target phone lines in order to cut off communication. Traders avoid the region. Journalists live under threat.

But a new radio programme is now bringing important information to three states – Borno, Adamawa and Yobe – which have been under a state of emergency since May 2013 and turned by the army into a battleground against Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram.

Called Dandal Kura, the one-hour daily broadcast in the local language, Kanuri, provides a mix of news about government actions against the terrorists or updates on displaced and missing persons. It also discusses a range of other topics like farming, health, social issues and sports.

The airwaves even reach across the border in the Diffa region of Niger, Chad’s Lake region and northern Cameroon, where Kanuri is also the main language and Boko Haram has been launching attacks.

“With the advent of the Boko Haram insurgency, there was a feeling of dejection in the region,” says programme manager Umar Tudun Wada from the northern city of Kano.

“There was a complete absence of communication with the outside world. People felt nobody cares about them. They felt forgotten,” Wada explains.

Most radio stations in north-eastern Nigeria are government-owned and broadcast in Hausa or English. For the tens of thousands of Kanuri-speaking people, there is no independent source of information, only state-sanctioned news and Boko Haram propaganda.

“Boko Haram controls people by inducing fear. Without alternatives, people are very much under the influence of Boko Haram’s propaganda,” says Wada. “Through Dandal Kura, we try to work against the propaganda by giving listeners objective information.”

Dandal Kura, which means “the big hall” in Kanuri, was initially set up in January as a three-month pilot project funded by United States development agency USAID. Since April, the programme is managed and run by Freedom Radio, a private broadcaster based in Kano.

In one of Freedom Radio’s broadcasting studios, lead presenter Kachalla Kolo sits opposite his colleague Halima Abba Ibrahim, with whom he will moderate a show.

Kolo grew up in Borno State, and many of his relatives still live in the isolated, violence-torn state.

“I’m really happy I can make a small contribution to helping people affected by Boko Haram,” he says.

Kolo is part of a team of five presenters and technicians. Three freelance journalists from Borno, Adamawa and Yobe help to supply content. Six additional journalists will be hired in Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

The idea is to soon expand Dandal Kura to a three-hour show, with the hope of eventually turning the programme into a full-service radio station.

“We are hoping to create a sense of community and a space for information exchange,” says media advisor David Smith, who helped to set up Dandal Kura.

“One of the goals is to let people know that they are not alone in their suffering, that they can continue with their lives despite the emergency,” Smith adds.

What is special about Dandal Kura is not only the language. The programme is transmitted by shortwave, on 9940 kHz, instead of the commonly used FM frequency band.

Shortwave is especially important in rural areas across Africa where FM waves hardly reach, but shortwave radios are easily available for an affordable price. In northern Nigeria they can be bought at any marketplace for about 600 Naira (3 dollars).

There is another key advantage: The shortwave transmission system is located hundreds of kilometres away – on the Atlantic island of Ascension – which means it cannot be destroyed by Boko Haram.

An FM transmitter, in contrast, would have to be installed on the ground in northern Nigeria.

“If we had set up FM transmitters, there would have been a high chance that Boko Haram would take them out,” says Smith, who has experience in setting up radio stations in African conflict zones, including Somalia and Central African Republic.

May logs

I thought I would post all my logs for May, as I haven’t had much time for individual posts. As mentioned in one of my posts, I am now using a homebrew pre-selector with the Tecsun Pl-600, and this has improved reception a lot. Not only does it peak up the signals well, but it removes all the image frequencies I was receiving previously. Well worth the effort and it was nice to do some homebrewing again.

May Logs

17895 Khz USA VOA 18:14 UTC English. Discussion about Burundi. Some deep QSB AT TIMES. SINPO: 44444 2015-05-02

15190 Khz Phillipines R. Philipinas 18:25 UTC English. male and female announcer. I think they are talking about low paid service workers. SINPO: 32233 2015-05-02

15275 Khz Madagascar DWL 18:35 UTC Hausa. Discussion program. Madagascar relay SINPO: 33333 2015-05-02

15400 Khz Ascension Island BBC 19:00 UTC English. ID and news at 19:00. SINPO: 43333 2015-05-02

15480 Khz Madagascar AWR 19:11 UTC Arabic. Discussion prog. SINPO: 43333 2015-05-02

15650 Khz Greece Helliniki Radiophonia 19:23 UTC Laid-back Jazz SINPO: 43333 2015-05-02

13580 Khz Bangladesh Bangladesh Betar 19:29 UTC Bangla. Discussion with mention of Bangladesh. Followed by music. SINPO: 43333 2015-05-02

13695 Khz India AIR 19:34 UTC English. Discussion about devolution of power to Scotland and Wales. Other news about the forthcoming UK election. SINPO: 33333 2015-05-02

12120 Khz Phillipines R. Philipinas 19:22 UTC English. ID and jingles at 19:22 followed by music. SINPO: 32233 2015-05-04

11635 Khz North Korea V.O. Korea 19:35 UTC English. Korean music SINPO: 43333 2015-05-04

5865 Khz Kuwait R. Farda 21:08 UTC Farsi. Music followed by ID at 21:10. Male announcer with further music from Gilbert O’Sullivan! SINPO: 33333 2015-05-05

6050 Khz Tibet PBS Xizang 21:14 UTC Chinese. Usual near non-stop music from Lhasa. Very nice. Occasional voice over. SINPO: 43333 2015-05-05

6080 Khz Botswana VOA 21:25 UTC English. Pop music. Some QSB. ID at 21:32 SINPO: 43344 2015-05-05

6115 Khz Phillipines R.Veritas Asia 21:44 UTC Chinese. female announcer with chinese music. SINPO: 32222 2015-05-05

6150 Khz Germany Europa 24 21:46 UTC Playing Elton John, Bee Gees etc. SINPO: 43333 2015-05-05

13580 Khz Bangladesh Bangladesh Betar 17:56 UTC English. News about Bangladesh and India. Female announcer.After 18:00 the signal became very poor and the modulation seemed to be reduced. ID, with frequencies and languages at 18:02. SINPO: 44444 2015-05-06

13630 Khz Botswana VOA 18:06 UTC Portugese. Male ann. SINPO: 43333 2015-05-06

13605 Khz USA R. Marti 18:52 UTC Spanish. Male and female announcers with discussion. SINPO: 32233 2015-05-06

7465 Khz Albania R. Tirana 19:48 UTC English. Male announcer with news from Albania. Followed by Press review. A musical segment followed this and then economic news about Albania, with a projected 1.8% increase in the economy. Information followed about an Albanian musical instrument (I missed the name), a form of drum. Until 20:00. SINPO: 33333 2015-05-07

11725 Khz New Zealand RNZI 19:22 UTC English. Economic news. SINPO: 33333 2015-05-10

15120 Khz Nigeria V. Nigeria 17:50 UTC Arabic. Male announcer. Terrible modulation with a permanent humming over the signal. SINPO: 42244 2015-05-17

9310 Khz Thailand Deewa Radio 17:40 UTC Pashto. Male announcer. Several mentions of Pakistan. SINPO: 43344 2015-05-18

9410 Khz UAE BBC 17:47 UTC English. Male and female with news. Diicult to follow as severe drop-out of signal (doesn’t sound like fading). Dhabbaya relay. SINPO: 33333 2015-05-18

9515 Khz South Korea KBS World Radio 17:51 UTC Korean. Male announcers. SINPO: 43344 2015-05-18

9600 Khz South Africa AWR 17:55 UTC Masai. Chat and local music. Dead air at 17:59 SINPO: 32233 2015-05-18

9710 Khz China CNR1 18:03 UTC Chinese. Music then dead air at 18:05. Shijiazhuang transmitter SINPO: 32222 2015-05-18

9720 Khz South Africa BBC 18:07 UTC Somali. Male announcer. Heavy QSB and QRN. Meyerton relay SINPO: 32233 2015-05-18

9730 Khz Vietnam V.O. Vietnam 18:10 UTC Spanish. Signal initially poor, then after a crackle or two, the signal came right up. Female announcer. ID at 18:13 SINPO: 44444 2015-05-18

9755 Khz South Africa R. Japan. 18:16 UTC English. Japanese lessons. Meyerton relay. Some heavy fading at times. Following the lessons were details of a competition. ID, frequencies and sign-off at 18:29. SINPO: 44444 2015-05-18

9925 Khz Phillipines R. Philipinas 19:18 UTC This transmission is supposed to be English but sounds more like Spanish. ID several times between 19:18 and 19:19, followed by music. SINPO: 33333 2015-05-18

9940 Khz Swaziland TWR 19:29 UTC Only just audible through noise. List show language to be Lingala SINPO: 32222 2015-05-18

6070 Khz Germany CFRX 21:25 UTC English. ‘The Shortwave Hangout’. CFRX live via channel 292. SINPO: 54444 2015-05-24

9310 Khz Thailand VOA Deewa Radio 18:18 UTC Pashto. Male announcer with female singing guest. SINPO: 43333 2015-05-25

11660 Khz Armenia BBC 18:57 UTC Kinyarwanda. Male announcer. Sign off at 19:00 SINPO: 43333 2015-05-25

4835 Khz Australia ABC Alice Springs 19:58 UTC English. news at 20:00. Fading out at 20:05 down to 22222 SINPO: 32233 2015-05-25

6035 Khz Sao Tome VOA 20:51 UTC Hausa. Male announcer SINPO: 33333 2015-05-25

6080 Khz Botswana VOA 21:00 UTC English. ID followed by News. Some ACI from CRI SINPO: 43344 2015-05-25

6115 Khz Phillipines R.Veritas Asia 21:05 UTC Chinese. Male and female announcers. Some QSB SINPO: 43344 2015-05-25

6190 Khz China CNR2 21:14 UTC Chinese. female announcer. SINPO: 32233 2015-05-25

6200 Khz Tibet PBS Xizang 21:18 UTC Modern dance music. SINPO: 43344 2015-05-25

4915 Khz Brazil R. Dacqui. 21:22 UTC This is an assumption for R. Dacqui. Music and chat but unable to tell the language. Very heavy QSB and v. poor signal. Listened until 21:40, but still couldn’t get positive ID. SINPO: 21112 2015-05-27

5960 Khz Albania CRI 21:58 UTC English. Chinese lessons. Coming in like a local FM station SINPO: 55455 2015-05-27

6850 Khz Pirate R. Tidalwave 23:10 UTC Eclectic Pop music from all ages. SINPO: 54444 2015-05-27

15105 Khz Ascension Island BBCWS 19:39 UTC Hausa. Discussion program SINPO: 43333 2015-05-31

15480 Khz Madagascar AWR 19:53 UTC Arabic. Music and chat SINPO: 42233 2015-05-31

13580 Khz Bangladesh Bangladesh Batar 19:59 UTC English. Just caught the sign-off SINPO: 44444 2015-05-31