VP8STI & VP8SGI South Sandwich Island/South Georgia Island

From the DXCoffee pages comes this announcement:

Paul N6PSE informs DxCoffee Readers:
The Intrepid DX Group is pleased to announce that all of our plans are moving forward very well. We are pleased that we have been able to add World-Class CW Maestro Dmitri Zhikharev RA9USU to our team.
We have now shipped all of our equipment to New Zealand at considerable expense. Our container contents will be loaded aboard the RV Braveheart and will meet us in the Falkland Islands in January.
This will be a “Pure DX” event. We have assembled a team of World-Class experienced operators, including two DX Hall of Fame members. Our sole focus is on getting you in our logs!
When our voyage starts, you can see our location in real time on a map on our website. You will know when we are about to land or are departing one island for the other. We will be in daily satellite communications with our Pilots, and support team. You can get a feel for propagation as we will be QRV as VP8IDX/MM on the way to and from the islands.”
DXCoffee has loads of info regarding expeditions, DXing and a whole lot more. Worth a look.

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