SolderSmoke ebook free on Amazon

This is slightly old news but just noticed this on SARC news:

The SolderSmoke ebook by radio amateur Bill Meara N2CQR/M0HBR is available for free download on Amazon

The book is in Kindle format and requires the Kindle Reading App to be installed on your mobile device or PC.

SolderSmoke is the story of a secret, after-hours life in electronics.
Bill Meara started out as a normal kid, from a normal American town.
But around the age of 12 he got interested in electronics, and he has never been the same.

To make matters worse, when he got older he became a diplomat.
His work has taken him to Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, the Spanish Basque Country, the Dominican Republic, the Azores islands of Portugal, London, and, most recently, Rome. In almost all of these places his addiction to electronics caused him to seek out like-minded radio fiends, to stay up late into the night working on strange projects, and to build embarrassingly large antennas above innocent foreign neighborhoods.

SolderSmoke takes you into the basement workshops and electronics parts stores of these exotic foreign places, and lets you experience the life of an expatriate geek. If you are looking for restaurant or hotel recommendations, look elsewhere. But if you need to know where to get an RF choke re-wound in Santo Domingo, SolderSmoke is the book for you.

SolderSmoke is no ordinary memoir. It is a technical memoir. Each chapter contains descriptions of Bill’s struggles to understand (really understand) radio-electronic theory. Why does P=IE? Do holes really flow through transistors? What is a radio wave? How does a frequency mixer produce sum and difference frequencies? If these are the kinds of questions that keep you up at night, this book is for you.


2 thoughts on “SolderSmoke ebook free on Amazon

  1. Rob Wagner

    Hi Charlie! Nice looking website you have here!!
    I clicked on the amazon link you gave, but the e-book appears NOT to be free…at least not for me! I checked both the UK and US Amazon sites. I think the SARC news report might be inaccurate, or else the situation at Amazon has changed. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Best wishes de Rob VK3BVW


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