Still addicted to Radio

Interesting piece in the Telegraph yesterday:

How did you wake up this morning? To the inquisitorial tones of John Humphrys on Today? Or the rather more jocular Chris Evans? Chances are it was listening to the radio in some form. About 48 million of us listen every week.

Radio is part of the fabric of British life. It is the backdrop to our domestic meanderings, an accompaniment to everything from chopping vegetables to pottering in the garden. It keeps us informed, provides a soundtrack to our lives and is a reliable and trustworthy companion. There is a reassurance to it, a sense that all is well with the world.

Nevertheless, in the more than 90 years since Marconi’s first, tentative broadcasts, the challenges radio faces are more acute than ever.

Consumer habits are changing beyond recognition. We have grown used to expecting content on our own terms – whenever and wherever we want it. In Britain today there are more mobile phone contracts than people. All those smartphone screens present obvious challenges to a medium designed with listening, not looking, in mind.

Meanwhile, competition has spiralled. We have more choice than ever before, thanks to the internet. Music streaming services are growing in popularity and tech giants like Apple and Amazon have woken up to the potential of radio. In June, Apple launched Beats, an international radio station – recruiting the Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe to present the first show.

Read the full story at: Daily Telegraph

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