Ham listening logs

With now having the Yaesu 450D, with the finer tuning and multiple filtering, listening to hams is a much better experience. Therefore, with CQ WW being in full swing this weekend, I decided to see who was on. The propagation has been excellent over the last few days, and this afternoon I wasn’t disappointed. Europe, Asia, America, South America, you name it, they were on air. I decided to concentrate on 10m as this band is not usually open much with low sunspot counts.

Coupled to the 450D is my homebrew half size OCFD and this combination managed to bag the following stations:

PX2A, UN7MMM, PQ5B, NQ4I, V47T, 4L0A, ED8O, P33W, IB9T, YT5A, PX5E, RX4W, E7DX, 4X0A, CE6DFY and A71CV

I did have a quick look on 15m which turned up the following: VE3JM and VA3SWG

I shall be tuning in again tomorrow to see what the band throws up and I think I’ll stick with 10m. At the end I shall be sending listener e-qsls to all stations that can receive them.

I hope some of you manage to bag a few in the log this weekend. 73’s

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