More logs from CQ WW

I snatched some more listening today at various times, between chores and the Rugby World Cup. 10m was wide open again, it’s amazing the countries one can log during such an event. It seems a shame that more hams don’t get on the bands normally and only break out the mic. when there’s a contest.

I also had a monitor of 20m later in the day, when the propagation for 10m had dropped away, and that was wide open too.


10m  – CN3A, UP0L, UW7LL, C44C, HS5NMF, CT3MD, HZ1HZ, A93JA, TC2C, A73A, D4Z, ZW5B
20m  – TF3JB, VE3MIS, YL2BJ, HZ1HZ, 3V8SS, K3LR

I was pleased to log HS5NMF from Thailand and TF3JB from Iceland. D4Z from Cape Verde Island was quite a catch too.

All-in-all a very interesting experience, but I must confess it is quite nice to get back to the relative peace of the SWBC bands and away from the cacophony of all those hams vying for a contact.

The CW section of CQ WW kicks off in November, but my CW is far too rusty to copy of that. The high-speed merchants will be out in force for that one!

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