Special broadcast from PCJ International

From the PCJ International website:

Special PCJ Broadcasts for Europe & Southeast Asia 

Beginning November 14th, 2015. PCJ Radio International will offer a series of special broadcasts before the end of the year for listeners in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Time: 0900 to 1000 UTC

Frequency: 17825khz

  • November 14th – Say It With Music
  • November 21st – Call it Ukraine
  • November 28th – Rockin’ with Raoul
  • December 5th – Classics with David Monson
  • December 12th – Special Jazz For The Asking
  • December 19th – European radio during WW2 (documentary)
  • December 26th – Special listeners program

Each of these special transmissions will have a special E-QSL.

Good Listening!

2 thoughts on “Special broadcast from PCJ International

  1. Raoul in your Radio

    Hello fellow shortwave and music fans. I am very excited to be broadcasting via PCJ International, a one-hour music special on November 28th. It’s called “Rockin’ with Raoul,” and it will feature some very rare rock tracks that you have probably never heard before. If you ever listened to The Rockpile on Global 24, and liked it, you will love this special program. Plus we have special QSL cards for all these PCJ specials.
    Thanks to Keith Perron and to everyone committed to keeping shortwave fun.


    1. cendoubleu Post author

      Apologies Raoul, for not replying sooner. A heavy work load has kept me away from my blog since late November. I should have been very interested to hear your program and sorry that I missed it. Many thanks for letting me know.

      Long Live Shortwave!

      Kind regards



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