The Mighty KBC

One of my Sunday morning ‘treats’ is to listen to the Mighty KBC on 6095 Khz. My favourite show is The Emperor Rosko, from 11 am to 3 pm (UTC). Rosko plays an eclectic mix of tracks usually from yesteryear, but not always. They encompass rock, soul jazz, the full range. And the show is of course, interspersed with Rosko’s inimitable West Coast Jock delivery! I remember listening to the Emperor back in the seventies when he did a stint on Radio Luxembourg. This was the station where I could hear music that wasn’t aired on Radio 1 in the UK, as R1 had become a format station and only played top 40 stuff. One of the tracks I remember was Steeley Dan’s ‘Do it Again’, which was the ‘Power Play’ for a week on Luxembourg. The Power Play was a record which was played every hour after the News, every hour, for a full week. These were newly released records which were giving a boost on the station. This record turned me on to Steeley Dan, and I have been a fan ever since. Now I can’t remember if at the time, Rosko was doing the slot when I heard Do it Again, or one of the other DJ’s such as Tony Prince (‘Your Royal Ruler’!). But this morning, on KBC, what should be played, by Rosko, but ‘Do it Again’ by Steeley Dan, So I would like to think that 44 years on, I heard the same record, presented by the same DJ!

Unfortunately, The Mighty KBC is due to close it’s European transmissions due to lack of sponsorship. March the 27th this year will be the last transmission if no one comes up with the goods. It will be a very great shame if this were to happen, and for me personally, a bit of a hole in my Sunday mornings. If anyone out there knows a business who would be interested in advertising on The Mighty KBC, then ask them to get in touch at: I will say now that I have no connection with KBC at all, other than an interest in a superb radio station on short wave. And it would be a great shame to see it go.

This morning I listened whilst pottering in the garden, a perfect combination!

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