The march of technical innovation

I recently bid on and won on Ebay, a Grundig 3010 receiver. From a bit of research, this radio was produced between 1952 and 1953. According to the Radio Museum website, the original price was 345 Deutsch Marks. In 1952, there were about 11 DM to the £, which would make it £31. That’s supposing there was no import and purchase tax. The average weekly wage in 1952 in the UK was £9, so this radio represented a significant investment for an average working family, nearly a month’s wages!

Compare that to say, a Tecsun pl-600 receiver. These retail for around £60 in the UK (less of course if ordered from HK or China). The current average weekly wage in the UK is £499. So the PL-600 represents only 12% of the current weekly wage, and yet the leap in technology is astounding.

Of course, the Tecsun does not have the rich tone which the Grundig has, by virtue of its valve (tube) stages, 2 speakers, and wooden cabinet. Some things can’t be improved!

Happy Listening!

60 years of technical innovation.


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