2m Transatlantic QSO achieved!

From the website of D4C comes the news of a successful 2m transatlantic QSO.

A new 2m barrier is broken. PY1MHZ- V51PJ QSO

Successful Bilateral Transatlantic 144 MHz QSO made !

Between 04 and 05 October 2016 a new record was set. PY1MHZ Marcos received in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil from locator GG87JC the 2 m signal of V51PJ  from locator JG82IE in Rosh Pinah, Namibia by using digital mode WSJT-X via Tropospheric ducting.

The distance between the two stations is 5987 km

Here the details of the records:
Frequency: 144.250MHz
Mode: WSJT-X – QRA64

Time and intensity:
04 OCT 2016 2038 UTC -37db at PY1MHZ

05 OCT 2016 0028 UTC  -36db at V51PJ

Rig setup:
PY1MHZ 2x12el Horizontal polarity, 400W,  Preamp 16db

V51PJ 2x13el Horizontal polarity, 1kW

Only thanks to the persistence and determination of these OM this historic achievement was possible.




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