BITX40 now goes digital

Earlier this year, Farhan of BITX20 fame, released a 40m version of his famous transceiver. The difference this time was it was not just the schematic with detailed instructions, but a full kit, for the princely sum of $45 (about £35 GBP). And this is an almost ready to go kit, with all onboard components already fitted. These boards are assembled by a team of ladies in India, and provides them with employment. All the user has to do is select a suitable enclosure and with some basic metal bashing skills, put together a decent single band SSB transceiver, with 6-7 watts of RF output.

One of the observations of many early adopters of this kit was it suffered from drift, due to the varicap tuning arrangement. Also, tuning with the supplied pot was somewhat critical, and many users purchased a 10-turn pot to overcome these limitations. Yet others have put together Arduino-based VFO’s with digital readout etc.

Farhan has now addressed these comments and produced a version complete with Arduino-based digital VFO + readout for $59! This is a real winner, and I am being seriously tempted to purchase the kit. I have been ‘off-air’ for many years due to the reduced level of conduct on the HF bands, but this kit may just tempt me back. It would provide an ideal back-pack or SOTA rig, powered by a 12v gelcel.

For more details about this kit see the HF Sigs website

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