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Tecsun PL-365 – Initial impressions

I received a Tecsun Pl-365 as a birthday present today from my family. Sitting out in the garden, I used the ETM function, and once all stations were loaded, I logged the following in just under an hour. This listening session was not about listening but just ‘seeing what was there’. I also missed out the CRI big gun stations. All using just the built-in whip on the 365, i.e. ‘barefoot’.
Between 15-58 and 16-50 UTC I logged the following stations:
15715 KSDA Agnan Point 33333
15610 WEWN USA 33333
15595 Vatican R. Vatican City 54444
15580 VOA Botswana 43333
15550 R Dabanga Vatican City 43333
15435 BKSA Saudi Arabia 54444
15245 V.o.K N.K. 43333
15150 R Dabanga Sri Lanka 43333
9310 VOA Deewa Sri Lanka 33333
11610 RFA Tinian 43333
11655 IBRA Dhabbaya 43333
11735 ZBC Zanzibar 33333
11800 RRI Romania 43333
11890 BBCWS Singapore 54344
11910 RFE Sri Lanka 43333
12005 R Farda Sri Lanka 43333
12015 V.o.K NK 33333
12045 BBCWS Thailand 33333
15140 R Sultanate Oman Oman 33333

All-in-all I am very impressed with this little radio. It is a very capable portable and seems to be very sensitive. Selectivity is not selectable, but it seems to do a fair job of separate stations.
I haven’t tried the SSB capability, which I suspect, as with most Tecsun portables, will not be that good.

I will do a more in-depth review of this little receiver when I have used it for a longer period. I would like to check out some of the other functions, such as SSB reception, and I haven’t tried it on MW and FM.