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Voice of Hope

At the HFCC Broadcasting Conference in Miami, The Voice of Hope made a presentation. This is interesting to those of us who are SWL’s, as it gives the background to the station, along with the frequencies used, power, and future plans. I haven’t been able to log the KVOH transmitter, it being only 50 KW, but the details given show they operate a transmitter out of Lusaka, Zambia. So that will be one worth monitoring.

For the full details of the presentation, see: http://www.hfcc.org/doc/HFCC_REP_2016-005-B16-presentation_Voice_of_Hope.pdf

As an aside, the HFCC site has a wealth of information available for free on it’s public pages. I usually start monitoring updates at this time of the year and in March, to see when the new schedules will be available. ‘A’ schedules run from April – October, and ‘B’ schedules running from November – March. Therefore¬†B16 schedules should be starting to be published very soon.